Flax to Go™ is a tasty, premium wellness bar that incorporates ground whole flaxseed as its main ingredient. Abundant in healthy fats, fibre and protein, Flax To Go™ gives you sustained energy and real health benefits – so you will be good to go for hours!

Kelli Skwark

Our Story

As a registered dietitian, Kelli Skwark recognized the numerous health benefits associated with daily flax consumption and became a strong proponent of flax, educating her patients about the nutrition powerhouse and recommending they add flax into their daily diets.

In 2014, Kelli decided to pursue developing a flax-based bar to provide a convenient option for people to add flax into their diets.

After nearly a year in development, Kelli launched her original peanut butter flavoured Flax to Go™ bar and has subsequently launched two new flavours.